India’s pioneer in Sports Engineering

Established in 2019 with a Vision

Sports Engineering Association (SEA), India is a recognized group of people from engineering, sports science and industry pledged to work towards the cause of sports, fitness, and industry. The SEA is registered as a non-profit company under the Companies Act, 2013, for promoting sports engineering students and faculty of engineering and sports science Institutes in India. It intends to work towards sustainable engagement of technology in sports. SEA is committed to serve the community of sports as a whole by promoting technology involvement in the field of sports through information sharing among members.

The SEA provides platform for researchers from engineering and sports science to join as a team and contribute their expertise in developing sports in India. Sports technology is not different from what is taught in a standard degree course of engineering, it is only the application of the technical knowledge in sports domain. The SEA is committed to help budding engineers to apply their subject knowledge for sports performance.

Sports engineering – a field that focuses on design, production and quality assurance of sports equipment and facilities as well as performance measurement, data analysis and biomechanics – overlaps other fields of Science and Engineering. Pure science applications like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as Engineering applications like Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electronics, Computer Science etc. are evident. In India, although some courses are being offered in Sports management and Sports sciences, there is a vacuum in engineering. We strongly believe, in order to improve the level of playing in India, participation of engineers is indispensable.

Our Vision:

To provide a sustainable platform for Engineers and Sports Scientists to interact with Athletes and Coaches to promote sports technology in India

Our Missions:
  1. To connect engineering and technology with sports in India to enhance sports performance and promote optimum use of sports infrastructure.
  2. To provide a platform for Engineers and sports scientists to interact with Sports Persons and Coaches to solve the challenges faced by them and foster student interest in research and development in sports engineering.
  3. To encourage technical institutes in India to support sports development through research activities, curriculum enrichment and encourage entrepreneurship among students for affordable and quality sports goods and services
  4. To underscore the importance of sports engineering and its relevance to the policy makers, sports regulators, sports trainers & coaches and business houses.
  5. To organize periodic meetings, workshops, conferences and other means of dissemination of knowledge in the field among various stake holders
  6. To Identify India specific barriers in promotion of sports activities and performance enhancement that can be solved through technology
  7. To form collaborations among researchers, engineers, policy makers, regulators and industry, to successfully address technical issues in sports and deliberate on the challenges faced by sports industry in India with respect to manufacturing, design, technology and upholding quality standard Work towards quality assurance and standardization of sports goods manufactured in India.
  8. To receive, collect, accept any gift, subscriptions and donations either in cash or in kind or acquire by lawful ways and means and spend the same in fulfillment of all or any other aims and subjects of the Associations.