2nd International Conference on Sports Engineering | Conference Central Theme – Sports Training and Technology
Sports Engineering Association

Sports, as we know it today, can hardly be separated from technology. Transfer and integration of knowledge from a diverse discipline is required to assist sports. The interaction of sports and engineering fraternity is expected to fuel a drive towards self-reliance in sports related technology in India.

About Us


Sports Engineering Association (SEA), India is a recognized group of people from engineering, sports science and industry pledged to work towards the cause of sports, fitness, and industry. The SEA is registered as a non-profit company under the Companies Act, 2013, for promoting sports engineering among students and faculty of sports science and engineering Institutes in India. It intends to work towards sustainable engagement of technology in sports. SEA is committed to serve the community of sports as a whole by promoting technology involvement in the field of sports through information sharing among members.

Our Vision


To provide a sustainable platform for Engineers and Sports Scientists to interact with Athletes and Coaches to promote sports technology in India

NATIONAL LIVE SEMINAR "Concepts and Design of Sport Surfaces"
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