State Chapters play a crucial role in the fulfilling SEA’s mission. Chapters provide an opportunity for the professionals to work locally in a District / State to meet, share ideas and experiences, develop strategies for improving and promoting Sports Engineering in their District / States.

State chapters engage in a variety of activities, including but not restricted to:

  • Publishing newsletters
  • Organizing conferences and seminars
  • Evaluating the status of sports facilities
  • Educating members about importance of sports technology application in schools, colleges and sports departments.
  • Convening interest groups and task forces
  • Cooperating with other organizations how to facilitate affordable sports facilities in schools, colleges and sports department for making the right to play for all be successful.

The Chapters are very important to the national organization. State Chapter coordinators and officers are an important conduit of information flow. The SEA Board members shall look to state chapter coordinators for suggestions for the direction of the organization (e.g. new task forces, membership benefits, and various issues to address), for feedback on ideas emanating from the Board, and for information about local resources.

The SEA shall have its chapters in different States and Union Territories. These chapters will be named after the States / U.T, for e.g.: The Rajasthan Chapter will be named as “Rajasthan Chapter of SEA”. The State Chapters will have Constitution similar to SEA and they will agree to abide by the rules and regulations of SEA. The State Chapters will seek affiliation to SEA on payment of an affiliation fee, which will be fixed by the G.B of SEA from time to time. The Life members of SEA are only eligible to open state/Union territory Chapter.  A minimum of five willing SEA life members are required for the formation of a chapter.

The Director of state chapters may organize conference, workshops or any event independently under the legal entity of the SEA with due permission.